What is an insurance bet in blackjack?

There is little doubt that there are some truly iconic casino games. Poker, for example, has a rich heritage and glamorous reputation. Roulette is another game that has stood the test of time and is loved by many. Perhaps the other truly iconic table game is blackjack.

Evidence of this can be seen at any reputable internet casino globally or any top NJ online casino site. Put simply, any operator worth its salt will have at least one variant of blackjack to play! This is certainly true at Resorts Casino, which offers blackjack to its players among other classic games on its awesome platform. Playing blackjack successfully, however, relies on knowing about the different bets you can place.

What is an insurance bet?

The increasing popularity of online gamessuch as blackjack can often rely on having unique terminology and different bets to take on. In simple terms, an insurance bet is a side bet that the player can accept if the dealer’s up card is an Ace. The basic premise is that it gives you insurance against the dealer hitting a straight blackjack.

At most online casinos, the odds for this type of bet are 2/1, and you can usually bet up to half of your main bet. The beauty of an insurance bet is that it gives you the chance to break even overall, should the dealer hit a blackjack. You would lose the insurance bet though if the blackjack does not come up.

When should you take on this side bet?

There is no doubt that insurance is an appealing thought when the dealer’s up card is showing an Ace. This leaves them with an almost one in three chance of getting a 10 to win the hand with their next card. The crux of whether to take an insurance bet on though is really whether you think they actually have a 10 in the hole. If not, then it is a waste of money as you will lose the side bet. For this reason, it is mainly more experienced players who use it.

Be careful with insurance bets

The thought of always having a safety net to guard against a dealer’s potential blackjack is tempting. Be warned though – if you always take insurance when it is available, it could soon eat into your betting bank. It is essentially a losing strategy in the longterm due to the reduced probability of a 10 actually coming out for the dealer. While you might win some insurance bets, the odds of you losing most are high.

Blackjack is a deep game

With the global online gambling revenue for 2020 showing at over $60bn, it is obvious how many people now love logging onto play games such as blackjack.Insurance bets are just one facet of this classic table game, which shows how in-depth it is. If you have ever wondered just what this sort of bet was and when to use it, then hopefully the above has helped.