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A system based on Fibonacci series. A tricky system, when the increase in the rate is calculated as the amount of the rate multiplied by each next number in the Fibonacci series.

Counting cards in baccarat

If we comparegclubBacarra with Black Jack, then there is a certain similarity in the strategies of games that are based on counting the combination of cards. Of course, it should be said right away that card counting very insignificantly increases the player’s chances in relation to the dealer, but such a system still deserves the right to exist.

The score in the game is rather complicated, the system was developed by E. Thorp and P. Griffin. When it is used, the expected value for the player tends to 0%, or even goes into positive values. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to apply these calculations promptly, since practically no one can operate in the head with six-digit numbers. You can use one simple rule, watch out for the exit from the game 4-ok and 6-ok – the fewer there are, the less chances for the dealer to win.

Tracking patterns

For this baccarat strategy, the player will need to keep in mind all the results from past games. Mathematically, the strategy is based on statements that the player wins at about 44.61%, the dealer wins at 45.84%, and a draw comes with 9.54% odds.

Let’s apply theory to practice:

The eleventh game is played at the table and recalling all previous games, it turns out that there has already been one draw (1/11 = 9.09%), the players have won four times (4/11 = 36.36%), and the dealer won 6 times (6/11 = 54.54%).

We understand:

The dealer has too high a percentage of wins compared to the average statistical results of the round, while the players have this value too low.


It is most correct to bet on the players to win – this will bring profit.