Legal Rights Associated with Casinos in Singapore

Gambling practices be it online or offline, is illegal in Singapore. Gambling is strictly regulated by the ‘Remote Gambling Act (RGA)and the ‘Common Gaming Houses Act’ (CGHA). These acts classify any activity involving betting using money in-game matches or lotteries as ‘gambling.’

RGA, as of 2014, controls remote gambling

The CGHA considers habitual gaming an offence and does not specify any clear indication of illegality for gambling in private spaces like home.

In Singapore, the minimum age to be involved in gaming is 18 years, but some Singapore Pools undertake participants who attain the age of 21.

Only Singapore Turf Clubs and Singapore Pools are exempted from legal consequences.

How to play safely in Singapore’s online casinos?

The safe lists & red flag lists for online virtual casinos can never end, but here is a handful that you should consider in all weather.

v Try the Safest Online Casino always

A large number of online casinos are available. You can choose the most reliable one with thorough research on the bonuses, withdrawal schemes, licenses, etc.

v Look for 24/7 customer support

Many queries relating to the games or payments can come up between live sessions, which need to be resolved immediately. So, a support system to clear up the queries on time is necessary

v Stay away from the addiction to Online Gambling

Never be addictive and take enough breaks to indulge in other necessary works. Tough gambling is addictive, but calculated breaks are necessary to control the emotions over the actual gaming strategies.

v Find Casino that are using SAAS-based technologies

The gaming is done through a strong and faster internet connection. Players are provided with up-to-date rewards, cashback offers, and bonuses. Usually, flash players or java scripts are employed in these casinos’ online functioning. These websites run through integrated Casino Web Scripts.

Most of the Safest Online Casino Singapore uses this new-age technology to provide a live gaming experience to their players. EU9SG is the first in the segment to publish a live site backed by node.js & Apache tomahawk to provide a high-speed actual live online deck game.

v Beware of account hacking, spam & malware

Choose a safer payment option and avoid sites where you are forced to disclose confidential matters. The safest online Casino always uses the latest generation software and bank-grade security systems. The back end & payment gateways are kept under surveillance by some of the best firewall networking companies that adapt to phishing, malware & hacking attempts.

Consequences related to online gambling in Singapore

  • If found guilty, a fine amounting to $5000 is payable or imprisonment of 6 months or both.
  • If you are a newbie, imprisonment is avoided, but a fine of $1000 is levied.
  • Offenders will be denied credits, loans, or bank transactions.
  • If the gaming is wagered for large sums of money, an arrest warrant can be issued.
  • A person found playing with people under 21 years of age will be fined or imprisoned.
  • Operators with illegal sites can be fined up to $500,000- or 7 years’ imprisonment if charged guilty