Are all slots the same?

If you ask any experienced gambler what game genre is the most popular, he or she will definitely indicate on slots. These games are quite simple, and even those who have never visited an online casino before can master their basic principles. Many top development studios specialize in slots and implement many incredible themes and ideas in them. Famous movie characters, ancient monarchs, various cartoon personages and even creepy zombies are just a tiny fraction of what modern slot machines have to offer.

Are all slots the same?

Of course, gambling beginners may assume that all slots work in the exact same way. You see several reels in front of you, choose a suitable bet and press the Play button, hoping to land some great symbols’ combination. Indeed, this principle is permanent for all slot machines. But if you dive into the details, you will undoubtedly notice some aspects that separate slots into different types.

Video slots are one of the most beloved games in the gambling community. Typically, these projects have 5 or more reels and a large number of pay lines. Players love to play these slots as they can diversify their gaming experience. Each gambler has certain favourite themes that he or she would like to see during the gaming session. The developers are aware of this and create video slots that cover an endless design options’ variety.

An overall style is not the only feature of these slots. Besides that, their game mechanics can vary drastically. For example, many slot machines use so-called scatters that trigger bonus games. You can get extra spins or multipliers during these bonus rounds and increase your initial winnings significantly.

Another fundamental slot type is a classic one. Even people who have never placed bets in their lives have seen these games. These are slot machines with unchangeable 3 reels. They allow players to land fruit symbols on 1 or 5 active lines. In addition, their main winning combination – three sevens – is a well-known money success attribute. The developers borrowed these slot machines’ style from land-based casinos a long time ago, and it continues to intrigue millions of players worldwide to this day.

Of course, we have not considered all types of slots available to modern gamblers. But these slot machines have the most fundamental gameplay differences. And if you are planning to join the gambling community in the near future, this information will help you choose a suitable game.